Sheep block Welsh village during lockdown visit

Flockdown! Second 30 runaway sheep are spotted roaming deserted streets of Welsh village amid Covid limits

  • A flock of sheep have been filmed roaming by Llanberis in Gwynedd
  • The village was quite silent as folks remained indoors because of to Covid-19 rules 
  • Motorists were being compelled to pull around when the sheep blocked the key street  

This is the hilarious moment a flock of sheep were being filmed roaming by way of a tranquil Welsh village which is currently on lockdown. 

The flock of 30 runaway animals have been spotted roaming the abandoned streets as families stayed indoors.

The ewes strolled passed the Royal Victoria Resort in the village of Llanberis in Gwynedd, North Wales.

Many sheep have been filmed walking along the most important street of Llanberis, Gwynedd after the village was locked down owing to Covid-19 regulations 

One motorist who filmed the scenes said: 'So much for social distancing'

A single motorist who filmed the scenes reported: ‘So significantly for social distancing’ 

Drivers also experienced to stop their cars as the lockdown rogues wandered into the middle of the highway.

It will come following twelve difficulties-producing Kashmiri goats were being noticed 20 miles north taking about the city of Llandudno.

The adventurous animals were noticed in lockdown ingesting hedges, viewing a schoolyard and afterwards queueing up for a barbers.

The 120-powerful herd of Kashmiri goats normally live on the Fantastic Orme headlands higher than the Llandudno.

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