Importance of relevance in link building

Getting a link from a high PR page is old. Getting a link from the more relevant site is the new PR. The link should be relevant to the domain name and it should be relevant to the title and the content. By including the relevant links, it is possible to increase trust on your site. It is possible to provide more subject related information to the audience. Information can be delivered in the right context. The spam that is generated through links can be avoided. When Google takes links relevancy seriously, it should be followed by you as well.

Authoritative guides

By publishing authoritative guides you will not create links directly. It was proven to be the most effective way to build relevant links. By creating high quality content, you must include links on other sites that are performing well in your niche. In this way, you will show respect to highly reputed content providers and it is an opportunity to increase the prominence of your site as well.

Tightly themed infographics

Infographics have not died. But, it will be difficult to create links through this process. In the past, you might have added hundreds of links to get the link advantage. The current trend is quite a handful of high quality links will do the trick (where relevancy is included).

Link relevancy is more important than the link volume. If you engage the audience beforehand so that you will understand the kind of content they are expecting and you will present content that is in great demand. Authoritative data should be presented through infographics.

Industry spotlights

It is required to write a feature article about the prominent leaders of your niche. When you publish content that is pertinent to the industry leaders, your content will be exposed to those readers. There is a chance that your web page will be quoted in the industry leader’s site. In this context, it is required to take care about the relevancy of the topic.

Impact of group interviews

By publishing an interview with a group of leaders in your niche, you will get manifold benefits. This is not at all a risky operation. You will be benefited through the credit of each and every prominent expert.

The group members had already published authoritative documents. When you associate with them, there is probability that your site’s value will increase. The passive traffic to your site will increase. The publication will stand for the high rating. A lot of heat will be created and your website will get huge benefits with relevant and high quality linking.

Awards campaign

By being creative, you can create an awards campaign. Lot of homework should be done to achieve this feet. It is done through two stages. One is nomination stage and the second is an award announcement stage. You will define certain criteria to participate in these competitions. You can set a cut off limit in terms of page rank and traffic on the participant website. Your reputation will go beyond the normal levels by conducting the event in a smooth manner.

After announcing the awards like the winner, first runner up and second runner up, you will let them promote the achievements on their sites.

There will be lots of exposure in this process and your site will be linked by most relevant web pages. The relevancy volume and quality will increase in this manner.

Relevance through guest posts

link relevance

Guest posts give great opportunity to promote your site and to build links with authoritative sites. While selecting websites for guest posts, high quality sites should be selected. Enough research can be done to figure out the worthy sites. It is advisable to target PR3 or higher pages. It is not the volume of links but the quality of links that makes the difference.

You are advised to target authoritative journals and publications. There are in-house experts in most of the organizations. Even though these experts will not write for you, you can assign a freelancer who will work under the guidance of the expert and the required material will be published. When guest posts are produced that are more relevant to the website, the audience will go through the content and the link volume to your site will improve.

What are the relevant link tactics?

  • When you go for reviews, it is required to publish in-depth reviews. There should not be compromised in the presentation of authoritative and quality content. Well researched topics should be presented. It should be filled with facts and figures.
  • You can use free tools if the link creation process can be expedited at a great pace.
  • Explore curated content option. Some of the examples in this direction are the best blogs in a niche, weekly roundup, resource lists. If you can manage the inclusion of key influencers in your content and if they spell a few words, it will carry great weight and relevance.
  • Broken link space can be automated. The broken link finder is the best tool in this direction. If you find new targets where links can be created, you will post articles on such sites.
  • The content that you offer through premium blog should not be posted on free sites. Another small site can be created around the main website with a sub theme. This will increase the success rate of the main website.

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