Receptor Sight

We are Receptor Sight, an instrumental trio from Northern California,

Our musical inspiration comes from our natural chemistry and the many different influences between the three of us. We love to play both melodically and experimentally; but we're also into experimenting with strange sound effects, random noises, and unusual ways to generate and record sounds.

Receptor Sight was originally formed by Steve and Greg Roffeld back in the late '90s. Thus far, the band has created three albums as a duo. The Roffeld brothers were joined later by Phil Frantz on bass guitar in the autumn of 2014, shortly after the release of A Multicolored Infinity Of Vibrations. The band then began to play music together as a trio for the first time.

With Greg on percussion, Phil on bass, and Steve doing double duty on guitar/keyboard (and with all of us making and recording random sounds throughout), we are now working on a new record. This will be Receptor Sight's first album as a trio. We're slowly getting closer to the day when it will be born, and it will be worth the wait. Watch for it soon!


Receptor Sight is:




Greg Roffeld

Drums, Percussion, Keyboards, Voice, Rumbling Thunderheads

Steve Roffeld

Guitars, Keyboards, Voice, Tape Recording and FX, Mixing, and Green Tea in the Garden Of The Pharaohs.

Phil Frantz

Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Voice, Ancient Ruins and Far Away Galaxies.